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Welcome to the Association for the Study of the Worldwide African Diaspora (ASWAD) Membership Site

ASWAD is a not-for-profit organization of international scholars seeking to further understandings of the African Diaspora, that is, the dispersal of peoples of African descent throughout the world. We do this through conferences and symposiums, as well as through publications. We also look for ways to share our work with students and the general community. All who share these interests are welcome to join ASWAD. By joining ASWAD you will be informed of all the Association’s activities and initiatives, and be eligible to participate in ASWAD conferences and governance. You will also have access to any conference papers, live streams, and videos made available on the ASWAD main website. To see the main website click ASWAD HOME.

Join ASWAD today and:

  • Receive a 2-year membership, unlike annual memberships typical of most academic organizations
  • Help sustain ASWAD’s conference, education, and outreach activities
  • Receive a free online subscription to the Journal of Africana Religions (for individual members only)
  • Advertise your publications on the ASWAD listserv and website

ASWAD individual memberships are valid for 2 calendar years (Jan-Dec), regardless of the date joined. All members who renewed or joined in 2016 or 2017, will need to renew memberships by December 31, 2018. We will begin sending out renewal notices on November 1, 2018 to insure that everyone continues to reap the benefits of their ASWAD memberships.

To join ASWAD, please click "Join ASWAD" in the Quick Links menu on the top right of this page.

To renew a membership after November 1, 2018, please log into your profile and pay the membership invoice, click "My Profile," click "My Profile" again on the next landing page and click "Invoices." Once you have arrived at the membership invoice, you will have the option to pay the amount due via our payment processor online.

Finally, to retrieve a paid invoice (receipt) for membership, conference registration, or conference excursions, please log into your profile and navigate to "Invoices" per the instructions above. Once you arrive on the "Invoices" landing page, you can select any paid invoice to download or print.

Our membership rates are as follows:

Individual Academic: 

  • North America & Europe: $100
  • Elsewhere: $20

Individual Student:

  • North America & Europe: $30
  • Elsewhere: $0

Individual Retired:

  • North America & Europe: $30
  • Elsewhere: $0

Individual Lifetime:

  • North America & Europe: $1,000
  • Elsewhere: $100